One of the major challenges that are currently facing a great number of employers is what to do with an employee who misbehaves. Most employers are very reluctant to take adverse actions against the misconduct of an employee because they fear that if a particular employee is terminated then he/she will file a case to CMA and the employer will have to pay the compensation.

It has been the inner suffering of most employers who are left with no hope for an employee who misbehaves because it seems that the law is on their side (employees) in whatever they do.

NOW the good news is that an employer has the mandate and right to discipline and terminate the employee on misconduct through the process of a disciplinary hearing. The disciplinary hearing is a legal procedure which must be adhered to by the employer whenever dealing with employees’ misconduct.

Now before us, these are important questions we should ask ourselves

? Do we have employees whose conduct is not acceptable or against the rules of conduct and we don’t know what to do with him/her?
? Do we have an employee who always has a reason not to come early to work or is having a lot of excuses for not coming at all and we are afraid to take action against such behavior?
? Do we have an employee who is not honest in dealing with the employer’s property or customer relations?
? Do you know that there are some misconducts of employees in which a first offence may justify termination of employment?
? Do you wish to improve the performance of your staff by making sure the rules of engagement have been complied but you don’t know how to do it?

If you have the above questions and many others, then this Workshop is for you and will assist you in handling and managing the conduct of your employees without risking the commencement of the labour disputes at CMA or Labour Court

Zake Advocates together with Tz Labour Guide have designed a well detailed Workshop Course on ‘Practical Aspects of Disciplinary Procedures’

Course Objectives:

? To impart the participant with the understanding of what it means to manage employee conduct;
? To assist the participant with the skills on how to do discipline an employee whenever there is misconduct;
? To impart the participant with an understanding of how to properly respond to any grievance from an employee to prevent future disputes.

Course Content

PART 1: Managing Employee’s Conduct

Module 1: Rules of Conduct in the workplace
1. Introduction
2. Sources of rules of conduct
3. The Duty to create rules of conduct
4. Common Mistakes in Managing Employee’s Conduct

Module 2: How to Manage Employee’s Conduct
1. Introduction
2. Seven steps in Managing Employee’s Conduct

PART 2: Disciplinary Procedures

Module 3 – Misconduct in Labour Relations
1. Introduction
2. Misconduct as a justifiable reason for termination
3. Forms of Disciplinary Procedure - graduation
4. Offences and penalties

Module 4 – Disciplinary Hearing
1. Introduction
2. Composition and Functions
3. Disciplinary Hearing Process

PART 3: Grievance Procedure

Module 5: Addressing the Complaints/Grievances of Employees
1. Introduction
2. Informal Complaints
3. Formal Complaints

1. Show cause letter
2. Disciplinary Charge sheet
3. Hearing Form
4. Appeal Form

Bonus: Course Booklet on Practical Aspects of Disciplinary Procedures

For detailed course content click the link….


Bonus Program

Particulars of the Workshop

When - Date: 30 th July 2022
Where - Venue: Tiffany Diamond Hotel- Indira Gandhi ST (DSM)
How long - Duration: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (8 hrs)
How much: 350,000TZS per participant (This includes course materials, certificate, breakfast, lunch etc)
Viable participants - Employers: HR Managers/Personnel Managers; Line Managers; Supervisors
Number of Participants: the venue takes a maximum of 50 participants so early booking will assure your chance

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