PHYSICAL INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP ON THE ‘Termination by Disciplinary Procedure’



‘Termination by Disciplinary Procedure’


As we are approaching the end of the year, there are issues we need to address as employers. One of the pressing issues is how are we going to deal with our employees.
Are we going to retain all of them for the next year as we did last year despite some of them are not in conformity with our current direction and the challenge we are facing?

? Are you tired of an employee whom you wish that he/she was let go a long time ago?
? Are you facing the challenge of an employee whose conduct is not in conformity with your business and you don’t know what to do with him/her?
? Are you facing a challenge that whenever you terminate and pay all the dues of an employee but still go to CMA again you are penalized?
? Are you afraid to take any adverse action regarding employees’ conduct because you will be subject to CMA proceedings?
? Do you wish to change the business or reduce number of workforce but you don’t know how to do it without causing problems to your business?

If you have the above questions and many others, then this Workshop is for you and will assist you in reaching a justifiable decision without running a risk of labour dispute.

Tanzania Labour Guide Company Limited have designed a well-detailed Workshop Course on ‘Termination by Disciplinary Procedure’


Course Objective

? To impart the participants (employers) the general understanding of termination of an employment agreement
? To demonstrate to the participant how termination by a disciplinary process is conducted
? To assist the participant in preparing and handling the disciplinary process at the workplace

For detailed course content click the link….

Particulars of the Workshop

When - Date: 2nd December 2023
Where- Venue: Tiffany Diamond Hotels Indira Gandhi ST - DSM City Centre
How long -Duration: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (8 hrs)
How much - Price: Tsh.350,000/- (VAT Exclusive) per participant (includes course materials, certificate, breakfast, lunch etc)
Who to participate - Employers; HR Managers/Personnel Managers; Line Managers; Supervisors
Number of Participants: the venue takes a maximum of 50 participants so early booking will ensure your chance

Special Discounts

? Members' registration discount to 25% of the fees
? Regular Attendees are discounted to 15% of the fees
? Group &a Early registration from 3 participants and above discount to 10% of the fees (before 30th October 2023)
? Books will be sold at a discount of 30% of the price
For more information, booking/registration and discounts visit the link

or e-mail us call +255 766 484 833 – Buberwa John

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