Fri Jul 07, 2017

PMER-International Limited is a leading consulting firm on program management, monitoring, evaluation and research work across East Africa. The company is fully registered in the United Republic of Tanzania and is based in Kinondoni Mikocheni B Area, along Mwai Kibaki Road at Kida Plaza Ground floor. The company envisions a region where individuals and organizations are able to deliver programmes' expectations and enhance learning from investments. Our mission is to facilitate Civil Society Organisations, private companies and government agencies in designing, implementing and managing M&E systems including but not limited to provision of necessary capacity development training in order to fulfill organizational requirements to deliver programs and sustain development results in the region. PMER-International invites applicants who would like to nurture their skills and experiences in qualitative research work within legal and gender domains to apply for volunteer program. The program will expose interested applicants to disadvantaged communities and get the opportunity to use their learnt skills on qualitative survey to collect, analyze and writing report. The program will orient successful applicants into techniques and approaches to qualitative data collection, analysis and report writing prior to field work. During field work, volunteers will be covered with meals and accommodation for the period engaged in this voluntary work. It is expected that this program will run intermittently over a period of 12 months.

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