Primary Teacher for Year One


Primary Teacher for Year One

Mon Jul 02, 2018

Company Industry: Education Job Level: Senior Level Work Type: Full Time Highest Qualification: Diploma Years of Experience: 5 years Location: Other Zanzibar District Zanzibar Description: Primary school teaching is rarely a 7:30 am to 3.30 pm job. Nevertheless, teaching is a very rewarding career with great employment prospects. Teachers are responsible for the delivery of all subjects, with particular emphasis on the core subjects of literacy, numeracy and science. Typical responsibilities include: lesson planning and preparationchecking pupils' workattending parents' eveningspreparing for ofsted inspectionsrunning extracurricular activitiesundertaking professional development Qualifications and training required Although any degree discipline is acceptable, national curriculum relevance is expected. A science or technology background can be advantageous, as can extra skills such as music. All candidates must have GCSEs (grades A-C) in English, maths and science. Key skills for primary school teachersEnthusiasmImaginationCommitmentEnergyDiscipline

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