Tue Jan 22, 2019

Company Industry: Human Resources Job Level: Volunteer, internship Work Type: Full Time Minimum Qualification: Not Specified Years of Experience: Less than 1 year Location Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam Description Role Profile Psychological assessments, intakes and appropriate referrals. May perform other tasks related to the Consultancy’s operation. You will report and receive support from the Technical Director. Responsibilities A scope of your duties will be provided to you by your immediate supervisor or line manager but these duties may be varied by the Consultancy from time to time depending on the requirements and your qualifications. When performing your role, you undertake to: 1.Diligently and faithfully to the best of your ability to perform duties for which you for the time you are interning. 2.Abide by bona fide work practices in your work relationship with the Consultancy, its clients and employees. 3.Use your best endeavours properly to conduct, improve, extend, develop, promote and preserve the business interest, reputation and goodwill for the work you will be doing. Essential Duties •Observe individual counseling sessions (when client/s is comfortable) •Create and score a variety of psychometric tests for corporate clients/recruitment •Create a social media calendar along with content to promote mental wellness •Support the execution of the Truancy program for school children -Advertisements and awareness material -Setting up and attending meetings to partner with schools -Interventions plans -Group therapy planning •Review of client intake questionnaires, mental health assessments. •Work on U-Report dashboard -Help brainstorm on how to respond to needs expressed by U-Reporters -Help train U-Report Volunteers on Psychological matters/ information •Work with Technical Director on Awareness campaigns •Seek business opportunities for Psychological and Recruitment To apply for this job, please go to the following website:

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