Collection Officers -INTERNS (4)


Collection Officers -INTERNS (4)

Wed Feb 27, 2019

Company Industry: Banking & Finance Job Level: Volunteer, internship Work Type: Full Time Minimum Qualification: Bachelor Years of Experience: Less than 1 year Description Reports To: CREDIT MANAGER Purpose of the Job: To manager and responsible for the collection and recovery overdue payments from customers. Contacts delinquent loan customers to negotiate repayment plans that are acceptable to Letshego and customers. Customers contact is via Telephone, letters, and indirectly through field collectors and recovery agents. Key Accountabilities: Review accounts that are behind on their payment to determine appropriate action. Contact customers to collect overdue payments, makes and arrange collection schedule Makes calls, sends letters and records all forms of correspondences to the clients for monitoring purposes, and answer customer enquiries. Negotiate payments on past due as well as plans to ensure payments are made. Maintain open communication to ensure the accuracy and protection of accounts information. Responsible for maintaining 90% of collection requirements. Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly report and adhere appropriate timescale. Performs other duties as per request and other responsibilities associated with the position. Perform any other related duty as may be assigned by the Credit Manager and or his/her assignee. Thinking Requirements and Working Complexity: Listening: When speaking to client, it is of important to listen as to why they are defaulting Negotiation: Loan repayment requires good negotiation skills. Working with defaulted clients to start some sort of payment plan, or outright repayment of loan with respective authorities. Speaking: Collection Officer spends most of its time talking with defaulters. Being good speaker is useful. Ability to identify risks and proactively work on mitigating the risks and prioritize. Knowledge and Experience Required of Job Holder: Degree or Advance Diploma in Banking and finance or any related field. Additional Information: Job holder should seek to develop strong relationships with those performing a similar role at peer group businesses/banks and to join any appropriate industry forums that will enhance job performance and understanding. The Intern is to manage and be responsible for the collection and recovery overdue payments from customers. To apply for this job, please go to the following website:

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