Motorists to dig deeper in Christmas, New Year

Motorists to dig deeper in Christmas, New Year

Wed Dec 06, 2017

The prices have gone up between 0.7 per cent and 2.0 per cent, according to a statement released by the Energy and Water Utilities Authority (EWURA). The regulator’s report, showed that retail prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene in Dar es Salaam increased by 41/- to 2,160/-per litre, 30/- to 1984/- per litre and 3/- to 1942/-per litre respectively.


Leonard Joseph from Kilimanjaro but leaves in Dar said despite price increase plans to travelling to the homeport by private car during Christmas sticks. “The chance of cancelling the trip is nil…if worse comes to worst, we have plan B. Use a public transport,” Mr Joseph said.


However, others said giving the current economic situation, private cars to upcountry—especially Kilimanjaro will be further limited by fuel price hikes. “I know those from Moshi [Kilimanjaro] have to go for end year festivals. But this time around many will use public transport,” said a Kilimanjaro native resides in Dar.


The change in diesel and kerosene local prices was mainly due to the increase in the world oil market prices whereas for petrol prices were due to the increase in Bulk Procurement System (BPS) premiums.


The price increase in all petroleum products occurred despite the appreciation of the local currency against the US dollar. For the petroleum products sourced through the Tanga port, the prices remained unchanged for kerosene because there was no new kerosene consignment imported through the port last month.


However, the retail prices of petrol in the Northern regions have increased by 43/- per litre or 2.02 per cent while the prices of diesel decreased by 9/- per litre representing 0.45 per cent change.


The changes in prices of petrol and diesel in Tanga region are attributed to changes in BPS premiums and the world oil market prices as well as an appreciation of shilling against US dollars.


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