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Thu Jan 04, 2018

Tourism spending per person declines

The visitors are said on average to reduce their spending by 10.6 per cent to 178 US dollars in 2016 compared to 199 US dollars in the previous year. Despite the drop, still visitors on average are spending within the national tourist expenditure benchmark of 178 US dollars per night per person.


The latest International Visitors’ Exit Survey Report 2016 attributed the reason behind the increase of arrivals from the neighbouring countries whose expenditures are lower. The findings on the survey showed that the overall average expenditure for mainland Tanzania was slightly higher than of Zanzibar depict a gap of over 80 US dollars per person per night.


The tourists are spending 189.3 US dollars per person per night in the mainland while in the isles of Zanzibar was 102.6 US dollars per person per night. Nevertheless, business visitors spent most in both mainland and Zanzibar with an average of 221.0 US dollars and 167.7 US dollars respectively.


Country-wise, visitors from China had the highest average expenditure of 541 US dollars per person per night. Those coming from the UK, the USA, South Africa, Australia, France and Canada spent the most with their average expenditures above the national average of 178 US dollars per person per night.


However, visitors from Burundi and Zambia had minimal average expenditures of about 100 US dollars per person per night. Most of the expenditure under the non-package tour arrangement spent in accommodation was 39.4 per cent), food and drink (13.0 per cent), excursions (10.1 per cent) and sightseeing and transport (10.0 per cent).


The average expenditure per person per night for visitors who came under the package tour arrangement was higher 290 US dollars per person per night than for those who used non-package tour 131 US dollars per person per night.


Business visitors under the package tour arrangement spent an average of 386 US dollars compared to those who came for leisure and holidays as well as visiting friends and relatives. On the other hand, visitors who came for leisure and holidays spent a lot more under the non-package tour arrangement. In contrast, tourists who came to visit friends and relatives spent the least under the non-package tour arrangement.


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