Yusria's Realty

Dar Es Salaam

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Yusria Realty's humble beginnings started with a personal land banking scheme which flourished from farmland bought at $1 per acre to $1000 per acre in 24 months.

This initiated the founders to establish a realty company managing there on portfolio's as well as that of private investors. 

During its growth, the firm now spans oceans where it manages property not only in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania but all the way to Cavite in the Philippines. 

There is obviously no 'magic' behind the firms success.  With a Diehard work-a-holic visionary behind the wheel, all 'obstacles' are seen as opportunities and hence the Buying, Selling, Leasing of property has become a language that has a very personal touch of accomplishment and achievement.

Yusria Realty now, not only maintains property on behalf of its clients in various sectors but also advises new incoming investors into the market, whether it be the first time buyer or a veteran real estate banker


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