Zanziland Real Estate Agent

Zanzibar, P.O. Box 4274, Zanzibar

Other Details: + 255 24 22378 +255 (24) +255 733 918899 +255 776 91889


Zanziland Real Estate Agent helps people with buying,selling,or leasing Hotels,Lands,homes and buildings.

We make sure our clients have all the information they need to set offers and negotiate a great deal..

We pride ourselves on our customer service.

We believe that Buyers,Sellers or Leasers that are dealing with us are our business partners to whom we are fully dedicated and committed to their success that will equally be our success.

Our management and staff are fully qualified to putting together all their sincere efforts to provide comprehensive services to Our Customers and making their Plans Best Value for Money affair.

Responsiveness to your requests is our main concern,so we promise that you will always hear from us within a maximum of 8 to 12 hours of your request.We are also aware that in today


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