23rd - 25th NOVEMBER, 2022

Everyone agrees that employee engagement is desirable, but how do you know whether to engage and how to engage an employee in your workforce? And at what time and in what conditions an employer can engage an employee so that he could boost productivity in his organization?

Also at what time and on what grounds an employer can terminate the same employee that he has engaged?

This has been a major challenge to most employers and as a result, they end up losing when an employee files a case at CMA seeking compensation.

Tanzania Labour Guide has prepared a workshop for you as an employer and a stakeholder on leadership and business management and how to engage and terminate an employee per legal procedures so that you will not lose when the matter is brought to CMA by an employee.

Below are the common questions and challenges we are facing at the workplace place

? Do we know the different kinds of contracts of employment and their outcome when it comes to termination?
? Do we have employees whose conduct is not acceptable or against the rules of conduct and we don’t know how to deal with them?
? Do you wish to improve the performance of your staff by making sure the rules of engagement have complied but you don’t know how to do it?
? Do you know that there are some misconducts of an employee in which a first offense may justify termination of employment?
? Do you know the qualities of a good leader?
? Do you know your role as a leader?
? Do you know how to manage your business?
? Does the workforce you engage have an impact on your business?

If you have the above questions and similar questions, then this Workshop is for you.

See the details below on how to register and participate in this Workshop on 23rd to 25th November 2022 at Edama Conference Centre Morogoro Region


The link above will direct you to our website where you will access the detailed Course Content and Registration Form.

NB. Maximum of 50 Participants, so early registration is encouraged.

For questions and more information
+255 766 484 833 or +255 684 839 750 Sales Department

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