15 Rules Of Engagement In Labour Laws

15 Rules Of Engagement In Labour Laws

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? Why there are so many cases at Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) against Employers?
? Why the employees referring cases at CMA challenge Termination?
? Why Employers end up losing most of the cases at CMA?

There are so many questions you have been asking yourself about employment and labour laws in Tanzania.
In 2019 in collaboration with Tanzania Association for Agriculture, Commerce, Industry and Mining Employers (TAACIME) we have done a research to answer these questions and others which are bothering the employers.

We reviewed more than 1,000 cases at CMA and Labour Court for the past 10 years and discovered the following:
* 97% of the disputes referred to CMA were referred by the Employees
* 95% of the referred disputes are challenging termination of employment
* 90% of the decided disputes ended in favour of the Employees

But why still the rate of Employers losing the case is very high over 90%?
* Losing the cases at CMA or LC has nothing to do with competence of the lawyers handling the disputes at respective authorities
* There are number of factors ‘common mistakes’ at workplace that contribute to bad end result in any dispute

Common Mistakes by the Employers on Engagement is one of the areas that affect the relationship with employees. For example in our research Common Mistakes on Engagement contributes to 20% of employers problems.



A booklet explains and gives detailed information on how an employer can create a good labour relationship with an employee

? A guideline that equip employer with practical skills on how to employ
? A guideline which is user friendly attached with forms to guide employer on interview; recruitment checklist; standard contract of employment; probation assessment form etc

The guideline has been authored by Adv. Isaack Zake who has been labour lawyer for the past 10 years and Dawson Zake a Human Resource practitioner with more than 30 years experience in the Banking Industry.

Get your Soft Copy now for Tsh.15000/- at Get Value an online bookstore or you can have a hard copy delivered to you in Dar es Salaam at Tsh.20000/- Call 0713 888 040.

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